Gregg Morin, the owner and operator of Washington Home Inspection has over 25 years of construction experience in residential, multi-family, and commercial construction in Spokane. He is an expert in the field of residential home inspection and has the knowledge to look beyond the obvious deficiencies. And what some home inspectors may see as a glaring defect, he has the ability to evaluate the issue for what it is. Oftentimes what may be interpreted as a significant concern by some, may merely be a minor matter that can quickly be corrected. You can trust that you’ll be working with the best when you hire Washington Home Inspection. 

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Radon testing is available upon request through our licensed business partners.

"Quick, detailed, informative, experienced."

Jacob H.

"Gregg was wonderful to work with. Thorough, friendly and answered all of our questions. He took his time, was knowledgeable and professional. I know that I can trust his work and the home purchase with great peace of mind now. I will definitely use him the next time as well!"

 Amy M.